Seasons of Self Love

Feeling the hard stuff and starting the work.

March 29, 2022 Bec Connaughton Episode 5
Seasons of Self Love
Feeling the hard stuff and starting the work.
Show Notes

Before investing in myself and starting my inner work, I thought my goal was to hide and suppress my negative aspects, unsavoury behaviours and not so pleasant personality traits.

I thought self-development work was all about becoming a better version of myself and letting go of all the shitty and hard parts or somehow figuring out how to make them magically disappear.

That has not been the case at all ...

Personal development, for me, has been about acceptance and connection to all parts of myself. The beautiful bits and the hectic, shame-inducing, hard to look at parts of myself too.

Getting comfortable with all parts of myself has allowed me to develop a stronger sense of self-love that is no longer conditional. I don't just accept myself when I'm showing my best parts. I also love myself in the hard times when I'm playing up and acting out. If anything, I recognise that this is when I need to be kinder and love myself even more.

We are all imperfectly, perfect humans, doing the best we can to survive and thrive in this crazy, epic, and confusing world. The least we can do is to learn to love our true selves wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

A wee chat around how the start of my journey into coaching went down ...

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