Seasons of Self Love

Giving Yourself Permission with Lauren Jean

August 22, 2022 Bec Connaughton Season 2 Episode 2
Seasons of Self Love
Giving Yourself Permission with Lauren Jean
Show Notes

Lauren Jean is an ambitious, powerful queen with whom I have had the pleasure of working with over the last year. Lauren is all about radical confidence, self love empowerment and high vibe body acceptance. She brings a fresh approach to fashion, well-being and showing up in your full authenticity and this conversation is a full VIBE!

We dive deep into redefining what success looks like, how other people's perceptions about us can limit us if we don't become aware of them, and the expansiveness of fashion when we allow our self-worth to align and all things self love, motherhood and being a passionate, powerful, bold human. 

The core of this conversation is the permission slip you never knew you needed to be your real, true, messy, beautiful, unlimited self.

We hope you LOVE this episode as much as we loved recording it!
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