Seasons of Self Love

Calling forward your higest self in business with Evie Kelly

September 05, 2022 Season 2 Episode 4
Seasons of Self Love
Calling forward your higest self in business with Evie Kelly
Show Notes

Evie Kelly is a Life and Business Coach on a mission to support ambitious women to create unstoppable self-belief and confidence so that they can create the life and business they truly love and deserve. Using her signature framework of Mindset, Strategy and Soul, Evie coaches her clients to create profitable, sustainable, soul-led businesses with ease and joy.

Evie built her 6figure coaching business to fully booked in a year, and is also the co-founder of a million dollar product-based business in New Zealand - Brooklyn Flowers. Evie is also the host of the Elevate Your Life podcast, and the proud dog mum of a beautiful golden retriever, Finn.

In this episode, we chat through some of Evie's biggest life lessons along the road to building the business and lifestyle of her dreams, diving into the correlation of self worth and confidence when it comes to creating a sustainable and beautiful heart led biz.

We chat through Evie's ability to marry masculine and feminine energy and the power of combining strategy and soul into your life and work.

Evie provides a loving and authentic approach to her views on best practices in business. If you have a passion project, side hustle, vision for your purpose work or heart-led business, this one is for you!

Reach out and connect with the gorgeous Evie on Instagram here and check out her epic podcast 'Elevate your Life' for weekly inspo on how to live your best biz life and much, much more ...

Evie is currently taking enrolments for her super expansive group mastermind programme 'The Strategy and Soul Mastermind' you can read all about this gorgeous container here or even better, book a call to chat through all the juicy details with Evie herself

Did you love this episode and Becs vibe? Want to learn more about her and her self love magic? Head to her website and check out how you can work with her to bring yourself more self love and a healthier, happier and more vibrant life!