Seasons of Self Love

Surrendering to Self Love with Milly Ross

October 04, 2022 Season 2 Episode 7
Seasons of Self Love
Surrendering to Self Love with Milly Ross
Show Notes

Tune in this week for a beautiful and deep conversation with passionate and authentic, Mindbody Coach Milly Ross.

Mils brings the high vibes and vulnerable chats in this week's episode, where we dive into the power of surrender and trust on our journey to living as a more elevated, connected and loved-up version of ourselves.

We speak to Milly's core principles of intentional, ritual, and consistency and how she manages to love herself through the challenges of maintaining these while building a business, being a conscious Mumma and partner, renovating their dream home and continuing her life's work.

Milly is one of those humans that makes time zoom on by, and we could have easily chatted the whole day away, in fact, we did when the mic switched off. She is magnetic and uplifting, and I am so thrilled to be able to bring some of her sparkly energy to the Seasons of Self Love Podcast.

Enjoy my beauties!

Connect with Milly on Instagram @mindbody.alchemy or check out her beautiful work here.

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