Seasons of Self Love

Rise and Shine | My gorgeous group offerings

October 16, 2022 Bec Connaughton Season 2 Episode 7
Seasons of Self Love
Rise and Shine | My gorgeous group offerings
Show Notes

A bit of a different episode for you this week my beauties.

I wanted to jump on for a solo chat to speak about the two amazing ways to work with me that are currently on offer.

My 6 Month Mastermind, 'SHINE | the collective', kicks off this Thursday 20 October and I am fizzing! Shine is an opportunity for you to shift out of low gear and that cycle of procrastination, perfectionism and overthinking that hasn’t been serving you or your big, bold dreams!
Shine will support and empower you to overcome your limitations, self-judgements and insecurities and put in place a deeper consciousness to allow you to step fully into your greatness!
Time to carve a new path. Time to step fully into your knowing. Time to create messy action and heart-led momentum towards living your most fulfilled life. It's your time to shine!

I am also currently offering places in the next round of my signature group coaching program 'RISE'.

Rise will give you the time and space to reconnect with the most authentic and highest version of yourself and explore what life could look like for you from a place of full acceptance and self-love. Rise is a space to heal your limiting beliefs and elevate your relationship with yourself so that you can understand how truly amazing you are.

No more people-pleasing, no more prioritising other people's needs, no more standing in your own way and playing small. Rise is 8 weeks of prioritising your self-care, love and awareness and working towards living a life that inspires and lights you up. Let's rise together.

You can read more about SHINE | the collective, my 6 Month Mastermind container on my website here.

Or if you feel like you are ready to elevate your relationship with yourself and tap into more Self Love, explore my epic group coaching program RISE here.

Connect with me on Instagram here. My DMs are always open, so hit me up!

For your FREE Self Care for the Soul guide and workbook click here. 

Go get it, gorgeous! 

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