Seasons of Self Love

2022 Reflections and 2023 Intentions with Bec

December 29, 2022 Season 2 Episode 12
Seasons of Self Love
2022 Reflections and 2023 Intentions with Bec
Show Notes

This is your invitation to take some intentional, loving time for yourself. To reflect on the year that was, everything you have been through, all that you have achieved and to feel peace from these reflections in order to move into the New Year with more love, celebration and compassion for yourself.

I have created a 2022 Reflections and 2023 Intentions workbook, with love, for women that are ready to show up for themselves, and are prepared to live it as the best and most authentic version of themselves. And this episode complements the workbook perfectly.

Listen along while you are reflecting on 2022 and setting your intentions for a big, bold, beautiful year ahead. 

Download the FREE workbook here or visit the link in my Instagram bio.

You can book your FREE Reflections and Intentions session with me here to create an action plan to make 2023 your BEST year yet!

You're also invited to Self Love at Sunrise my FREE  Sunrise Photoshoot, Swim and Mini Self Love Workshop in-person event on 29th Jan. Register NOW. 

I'm so excited to continue supporting, inspiring and empowering you in 2023 and beyond!

Enjoy, gorgeous!

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