Seasons of Self Love

Letting Go with Bec Marshall

March 14, 2023 Season 3 Episode 6
Seasons of Self Love
Letting Go with Bec Marshall
Show Notes

Get this legend in your earholes!

This week on the podcast we have Bec Marshall, a clinical hypnotherapist, dream weaver, passionate educator,  vivacious go-getter, and lover of life.

Bec experienced trauma as a child and once upon a time operated solely from a fear state with high-functioning anxiety. She shares with us a beautiful memory of a conversation with her dear late Dad and how this epic moment was a catalyst for her own journey of healing, both physically and emotionally, utilising techniques such as Hypnosis, NLP, and EFT, which she now uses, amongst others, with her clients.

Bec has an enate desire to teach us all how powerful our mind can really be and how we can utilise it to tap into all of our unlimited potential and live our best life!

We discuss the huge lesson of letting go when things are not for you in order to learn, grow and evolve as humans in this lifetime, the magic of imagination and how removing our self-imposed masks allow us to live a life of freedom and confidence.

Come along for a powerful ride, and tap into some epic self-love inspiration.

Be a part of Bec's community on Instagram here and check out her website for more details about her beautiful mahi.

Bec and Bec are proud to announce the launch of their collab OTP | Off The Piss. If it's starting to feel like your 5 o'clock pour is automated rather than a conscious choice, it could be time to reassess your relationship with alcohol through the power of hypnosis and connection coaching. If you're ready to understand and create some awareness around your beliefs and behaviours when it comes to alcohol and drinking, then OTP might be for you. Join us for 8 weeks of online group calls, coaching, resources and tools and techniques to support you in stepping into a healthier, happier and more vibrant YOU.

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