Seasons of Self Love

Own Your Epicness

April 12, 2023 Season 3 Episode 9
Seasons of Self Love
Own Your Epicness
Show Notes

I'm having a Self Celebration Party - and you're invited!!!!

We don't think twice about celebrating ourselves when it comes to an occasion, a birthday, engagement, baby shower, wedding etc. It feels so good to stop and pause and appreciate ourselves and receive love from all those around us ...

We know how good it feels to celebrate.
Stop and pause and allow ourselves to take in all the love and credit we deserve.

But what if we could celebrate ourselves to the same extent in the in-between times?

Why wait for an occasion, when we can teach ourselves to appreciate and celebrate ourselves and all the magic we bring to the world each and every day?

Join me for 'OWN YOUR EPICNESS' an Empowering FREE Self Celebration Challenge.

Three gorgeous days of high vibe self celebration sessions, in a private Facebook group, where I'll coach you and challenge you to own your epicness and celebrate all the amazing things you bring to this world.

Click here to join for FREE and let's get that self celebration energy popping!

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