Seasons of Self Love

A Journey to Journaling With B Biggelaar

April 24, 2023
Seasons of Self Love
A Journey to Journaling With B Biggelaar
Show Notes

Bernadette's (B) journey to creating her dream journal company, 'Butterfly and Bee Co', is an inspiring example of how journaling can be a powerful tool for self-reflection, personal growth, and the manifestation of your best life.  

Her dream is for everyone to experience the beauty that journaling can bring – digging deeper into what lights you up and letting go of what doesn’t. Harnessing and chasing the beauty the Universe has to offer and reflecting and learning on life's challenges, obstacles and wins.

B shares with us her biggest lessons along the way and reflects on some of the epic inner work she has moved through, with the help of her journal, to get her where she is today. And also shares with us the magic behind the Butterfly and Bee name.

B offers us some gorgeous tips if you are starting out with journaling and encourages listeners to start small and be patient with themselves as they develop their journaling habits.

She has such magnetic energy, this is a  big smile energy episode. We were so thrilled to have B on Seasons of Self Love, sharing her gifts for making people feel inspired and safe to be their best and most authentic selves. 

You can grab yourself one of Bee's beautiful journals and check out her offering on the Butterfly and Bee website here

And follow along with her journey and sign up for her upcoming journaling workshop  'Manifest Your Dreams' via her Instagram page here.

'Manifest Your Dreams', an online Journaling Workshop ✨

An evening to take some space to connect inwards and uncover all things that light you up. The intention is that you come out of this workshop feeling excited about what is possible, have your dreams written down on paper with feelings of anticipation, inspiration, and curiosity to follow the breadcrumbs and those little nudges towards your dream life.

Registrations close on the 28th of April to allow enough time for your Journal to arrive in the post in time for the workshop'

Did you love this episode and Becs vibe? Want to learn more about her and her self love magic? Head to her website and check out how you can work with her to bring yourself more self love and a healthier, happier and more vibrant life!