Seasons of Self Love

The Power of Group Coaching

May 15, 2023 Season 3 Episode 8
Seasons of Self Love
The Power of Group Coaching
Show Notes

In this episode, we dive into the transformative power of group coaching containers and the significance of finding like-minded individuals outside of our usual social circles for personal growth and expansion. Bec shares her journey with group coaching containers and the impact these connections have had on her journey towards self-discovery and reaching her full potential.

Group coaching containers are intentional spaces created to foster growth, learning, and support. One of the core reasons that they are so powerful is that you are all choosing to invest to be there, prioritising your growth and future success. When you come together with those that are on that same wavelength it elevates everything!

Bec credits her first group coaching experience with giving her the self-belief and confidence to leave her corporate job and go all in on her dream career and future vision of having an impactful life coaching biz. Not only because of the access to growth, mindset shifts and healing but because of the epic group of cheerleaders who reflected her potential back to her and held her accountable for choosing her reality.

This episode explores the endless possibilities that await when we step outside our comfort zones and open ourselves up to the magic of group coaching containers and like-minded communities. Enjoy!

And if you are inspired and ready to step into your own transformative coaching container check out all the details of Shine here. We kick off on Monday 22nd so still plenty of time to join the other women who have already said yes to living their boldest, brightest lives and committing to their greatest potential!

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