Seasons of Self Love

Summer Bodies are made in the Winter

June 22, 2023 Bec Connaughton Season 3 Episode 9
Seasons of Self Love
Summer Bodies are made in the Winter
Show Notes

Winter is upon us and it's easy to succumb to the cold and let your intentions for 2023 slip away. But I want to give you a loving reminder that the colder weather and more restful season also offers a beautiful opportunity to go inward and pivot and shift your intentions to your heart's content so that you still feel on track and proud of your direction for 2023.

Let this episode be a pep talk and an invitation to rest, reflect and revive how you want your year to look and feel. There is still time beautiful one, you get to choose.

When things get hard and you want to bury your head in the sand, that's where confidence is built, that's where resilience grows.

If you feel like you would like some extra support and guidance to create some intentional space for yourself, to dive into some reflection and give yourself a mid year reset, refresh and renew,  I've got you, gorgeous.

Join me for 'revive + thrive' my free 3 day mid year reset and life audit workshop.

You can sign up for free here and if you're late to the party send me a DM and I can send you the workbook so that you can still get in on all the goodness.

Connect with me on Instagram or visit my website to find out more. 

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