Seasons of Self Love

Welcome to the Summer of Self Love

January 30, 2022 Bec C Episode 1
Seasons of Self Love
Welcome to the Summer of Self Love
Show Notes

Hi Gorgeous and welcome to the Summer of Self Love!

I'm Bec Connaughton a holistic life coach, self-empowerment leader and emotional wellness expert and I'm here to inspire and support you to love yourself like crazy and live your most lit up life. I work with women who know they are ready and worthy of a bigger, bolder and more beautiful life, but are playing it safe and limiting their own desires.
This podcast brings you real-life conversations with some every day, epic women, who are on their own self-love journey and who I hope will inspire you to uplevel your own self-love and know that you are not alone in your challenges.
In this episode, I give you a bit of a run down to what really kickstarted my own self-love journey, which ultimately led me to the gorgeous work I do supporting ambitious women to live the lives of their dreams.

This is a summer series that I hope will become a more permanent podcast and part of your weekly 'must-listen' playlist.




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